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Hydrotherapy & Physiotherapy Sessions


What is hydrotherapy? 

This is a healing water treatment to relieve discomfort and promote physical health and well-being. Canine hydrotherapy can benefit from being used for as fun as well as a programme of rehabilitation.


What are the benefits?

Hydrotherapy can improve the quality rate of healing, will provide relief from pain swelling and stiffness. it will increase the range of motion , circulation, and generally speeds recovery.


Cases that can be helped: 

- Arthritis

- Hip and elbow dysplasia

- Cruciate ligaments

- Growth related diseases

- Post surgery rehabilitation

- Obesity

- The elderly dog

- Swimming for fitness and exercise

With so many benefits for using hydrotherapy: 

- Decreased pain and inflammation

- Feeling much better in general well being

- Reduced recovery time after surgery

- Increased joint range of motion

- Increase in muscle strength

- Improving cardiovascular fitness 

Our Hydrotheraphy & Physiotherapist Specialists

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Alli Mason

Alli Mason Veterinary Physiotherapy

We're lucky to introduce Alli Mason to our team who runs AM Veterinary Physiotherapy. After finishing college, then going on to study a further four years at Harper Adams University, Alli became a fully qualified Veterinary Physiotherapist.


Alli will also be rehabilitating both in the pool and with physio. Her physio appointments will need to be booked directly with her. 



Phone: 07597970408



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Chloe Adams McTimoney

Chloe Adams McTimoney Animal Chiropractor and Animal Physiotherapist

We're delighted to announce we are working very closely with Chloe Adams McTimoney Animal Chiropractor and Animal Physiotherapist 


You will find Chloe here at Lucy Pet Carer on a Thursday and a Saturday in due course, located in the physio room she will fully assess and treat, rehabilitate and care form your dogs. She can help with arthritis, cruciate injuries, recover from surgery, add performance general health and more.

Phone: 07710 503441



Our Facilities & Prices

Our brand new facility consists of a bespoke 6m x 4m pool 1.2m deep and heated to 30 degrees. The pool has 2 resistance jets with a safety ramp for entry. Every dog is given a buoyancy jacket to wear in the pool for safety, while certain dogs may wear a harness if they are a more confident swimmer.


All dogs will be given a quick rinse before entering the pool and at the end of the swim will be given a shower with shampoo if requested by the owner.

For all Hydrotherapy enquiries, please contact Martyn on 07508 911903

Our Hydrotherapy Pool

Contact us to book your dog in with Martyn for a Hydrotherapy session. Please download and fill in the form

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