Meet our Dog Behaviourists

Dog behaviourist at our Wiltshire doggy daycare and boarding kennels cover many dog behavioural issues including:

  • Pulling on the lead
  • Socialisation
  • Confidence boosting in group environment
  • Anxiety issues
  • Reactive dogs on and off the leash
  • Fence running
  • Food/Treat resource guarding
  • Desensitisation to noises and other items
  • Parallel walking
  • Recall
  • Mentally and physically stimulating games and training
  • Obedience training
  • Strengthening the connection between you and your dog

One to One Dog Behaviour Training 

1:1 Dog behaviour training for one hour with just the dog and report - additional £20 if booked in doggy day care/boarding

One to One Dog Behaviourist

1:1 Dog behaviourist advice and training for the dog with owner as well, including dog rehabilitation plan - £20 if client/£30 if not

Dog Behaviour Tips

Here are a few tips on dog behaviour problems that you may recognise.

Possessive Behaviour in Dogs

One of the most common traits I come across when doing dog behavioural work is treat and toy possessiveness. However there are a few simple procedures that you can put in place to prevent this possessive behaviour in dogs from ever happening and help extinguish mild cases. (If you believe your dog has a more severe level of possessive behaviour please do get in touch for a more detailed rehabilitation program).

Proactive tips for food resource guarding prevention

While your dog is eating his dinner occasionally walk past and add something extra yummy to his bowl like a piece of sausage, chicken or cheese. Remember to keep safe, this guidance is for dogs that do not have resource guarding behavioural problems so if you are worried at all about putting your hand near the bowl then please don't. The reason behind this method is that we want the dog to positively associate you handling his bowl so that if at any time little Timmy crawls over to investigate the dogs dinner, rather than the dog naturally protecting its resource (food) he will welcome the intrusion as it may end in an extra treat.

Proactive tips for toy resource guarding prevention

Whenever you play fetch or even have to take something from your dog, please always remember to do a swap. Whether that be a swap for a dog toy instead of a shoe or a treat for the ball being relinquished during a game of fetch. You need to make sure that whatever you are doing the swap for is of higher value to the dog or they will be reluctant to give up their item. Also when you give the reward, make sure it's clear the reward is in return for you having the item, i.e. make sure the ball is in your hand before the treat has been consumed or some clever dogs will cotton on that they can drop the ball, eat the treat and pick the ball back up, great deal!!

Again these tips are for toy possession prevention so please ask for assistance from Lucy Pet Carers if you feel at all uncomfortable doing any of these things. The reason behind this method is that quite often we take things away from our dogs without rewards and eventually they learn to hang on to, run away with or sadly sometimes growl to prevent us from taking away his resource (toy). If you are experiencing any of these things please do get in touch.

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